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Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit

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8,000.00 5,999.00


24K Gold Series Kit

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit Available in Pakistan

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Kit Series is wide and incredibly successful with our freshly enhanced recipe. contains gold and collagen atoms. It can supply water and nutrition to the skin. It enhances the uniform color of the skin. Aid skin to rid itself of burden and prevent breaches.

The skin can be improved. This is Dr. Rashel’s unique formula to rejuvenate the skin and to provide feeding and refreshing skin with caviar work on white and tightening the skin. It is a collage that will restore anti-aging collagen and strengthen the skin, strengthening the patterns of the patterns and increasing the skin’s natural melanin, covering blemishes and ticks, and large pores, acne, skin, tends to be smooth and greasy.

Collagen and glycerin are the key ingredients of this medication. It dissolves and dissolves soil. It also helps to whiten and hydrate the skin. Collagen is an essential aspect of elastics and is capable of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gold is used in the world for luxury skin items. Collagen is a significant aspect of elasticity and is capable of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The properties of gold are against pathogenic. It is used in the world for luxury skin goods. Gold has traditionally been applied directly to the skin in thin sheets (gold leaf).

Is Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit Worth Buying?

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit was planned and developed by the Dr. Rashel team of professionals and was established in the United States. It’s brightening and Anti-Aging is considered best in class, decreases fine lines, removes wrinkles, making the skin tender, smooth and clearer and is very durable with any formulation. This face kit is a total solution for a young skin you all love.

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kits are oil-free and are sufficient for all forms of skin. It is 100 % true and provides results after standard 1 month’s minimum use. It is utilized by people of all ages around the globe.

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What is the functioning of Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit?

Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series kit performs the following functions, such as;

  • Reduces Wrinkle
  • Softens the skin
  • Tightens the skin
  • Makes the skin firm
  • Brightens the skin
  • Delay in the aging of the skin
  • Whitening cream
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Smoothes the skin
  • Activates epidermal cells
  • Restore young skin
  • Pulling the skin

How many products is there in Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Series Kit?

24K Gold series kit altogether includes 10 skincare products with its advantages are as follows:

24K Gold Facial Wash Gel Foam

Facial Wash gel foam is eliminates blackheads and acne and refreshes the skin because the collagen decreases the sign of fading thus retaining skin elasticity

24K Gold CC Cream

Gold CC Cream is contains new and wet natural plant extract, helping to purify skin, skin colour change, covering the pores of the skin and removing wrinkles and faults. In the meantime, it will separate and protect the skin against toxic damage outside, keeping it soft and faint and keeping the colour of the skin plump and normal.

 Peeling Skin Remover

Skin Remover is dilute the dark circles, pupils, fine lines effectively and extract bags and many other eye problems. Replenish skin water humidity to improve the water around the eyes. The modern moist texture, safe to use for a number of skin types for fast absorption.

Anti-Wrinkle Peel-Off Mask

Wrinkle Peel-off Mask perfect treatment to prevent the aging process and anti-rusting based on strong components that help to minimize the effects of aging and to lighten the face.

Youthful Reviving Eye Gel Cream

Eye Gel Cream develops skin effectively around the eye’s blood supply and facilitates cell regeneration and tightening loose skin around the eyes.

Youthful Whitening Cream

Fold lines to remove dark circles and the contours of the eye effectively. The eyes are brights and movement.

Youthful Reviving Anti-

Anti-Wrinkle Cream moisturizers with active ingredients that offer additional benefits. These added ingredients are intended to improve skin tone, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. The effectiveness of these products depends in part on your skin type and the active ingredient.


Youthful serum is facilitates cell regeneration and tightening loose skin. It moisturizes the skin and makes the skin glowy and shiny. The dead skin converts into smooth and soft skin and with a brighter appearance. It helps in anti-aging, lightening of the skin, and anti-puffiness.

24K Gold Cleanser Milk

Gold Cleanser Milk moisturizes the skin. Daily impurities and face making are removed by facial milk, as this structure is rich in gold and collagen, as the skin softly cleanses without dryness. Collagen acts to improve skin elasticity and to make it look younger and healthier.

24K Gold Toner

Gold Toner removes residual impurities from the daily formula without alcohol soothes and gently hydrates the skin.


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