Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Face Serum

Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Face Serum

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1,695.00 1,199.00

Dr. Rashel Skin Natural Aloe Vera Vitamin E  + Collagen Face Serum extracts the nature of aloe vera with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, collagen strengthens the survival of the cell, retards the skin aging, prevents the development of melanin, shrinking pores, vitamin E gives the skin a high nutritional supply that maintains the skin to be more moisturizing, smooth and elastic and strong. It may be used as a perfecting primer before make-up.

Capacity: 50 ml
Skin Type: All skin types


Aloe Vera Face Serum

What is the functioning of  Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Face Serum?

Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Face Serum performs the following functions, such as;

  • After sun soothing
  • Reduce pockmark
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Increase absorption
  • Enhance muscle base strength
  • Repair the skin
  • Provides nourishment
  • Pore defense
  • Brights skin tone

What are the benefits of using Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Face Serum?

Dr. Rashel Skin Natural Aloe Vera Face Serum helps the skin to lift quickly, double the automatic absorption of nutrients. It helps the skin to become tighter and smoother. It improves skin ability to retain water. It is more hydrated and comfortable. Keeps the skin away from dirt. Improves relaxation and revitalizes the skin.

How To Use?

  • Apply the serum onto cleansed facial skin
  • Gently massage into with fingertips
  • Wait until fully absorbed.
  • Use every morning and evening


For external use, keep out the reach of children, store in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, wash well with water.



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